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FAQ. • Professional Wedding Videography & Photography in Thailand - Professional Wedding Videography & Photography in Thailand


1.Who is A Creative Wedding Films?

A creative wedding films is a few number of artists working on luxury wedding filming and wedding photographing base in Thailand. We are a Creative International Wedding Filmmaker working around Southeast Asia.

2.What is your style of creating our wedding film and photography?

We love capturing natural moments and real emotion. We rarely direct you to do this and that. But working with us just like talking to a friend. And we like to let you be yourself in the most beautiful way possible. We like to move ourselves around you to find the best shots. And both of motion and stills take this point become really creative style. So, we in fact don’t shoot video, we tell the story of your love and we explain all your moments in those Motion and Stills.

3.Who will be my photographer on the wedding day?

Narz will be your lead photographer if you take our photography service. We also have some friends as professional photographer working with sometime when Narz and Tika will be your Cinematographers and Directors if you take Wedding Films services. Please check out http://www.narzphotography.com Or we also highly recommend Julian http://julianwainwrightweddings.com  and Aidan http://aidandockery.com

4.Do you use an assistant for photography service?

Yes, we use 1 assistant when the number of guest is over 100 people. Or sometime when you take a Full Day Photography Package.

5.Who will be my cinematographers? and How many people as a team?

Remember that Narz and Tika are the main cinematographers for your wedding. We also comprise our team with 3-5 talented and experienced in this field under our style and concept. And when Narz will be your photographer it will be more easy to him for working with our own team. Which he will be a director on every single weddings we have booked.

6.Who edit my wedding story in a wedding film?

Narz will be your Story Telling for Wedding Highlight. And Tika and our creative editor will edit for your Full version.

7.How long after the wedding I will get my Wedding Highlight and Wedding Story in DVD? Or my images?

The Wedding Highlight will be in editing process of 6-10 weeks and then we will upload on our channel to share with you. The complete DVD will be delivered to your hand in 2-4 weeks after the highlight has shown.The Wedding photos will need 4-6 weeks to our correction process. The online version will be access with password protect before we deliver to you within 4 week incase you order album or other medias.

8.What are the packages you offer?

We have a few packages suit with all nations and cultures. We have half day package, Premium Package and Full day packages. We also have Pre wedding package, save the date and the best one is DestinationWedding Package. Our rates are very large range start from US$1,000 – US$8,000 So, please give the information as much as you can then we will get back with the full quotation.

9.Do you except the double bookings?

No we don’t! We have only A team and we can’t accept 2 weddings in the same day. Only one team and work for just only one couple and one special event. Your wedding is a very exclusive and we will be there only for you. We might been booked 12 months before the wedding. So to make sure we will be able to be there for your wedding we will need to be booked at least 6 months prior to the event.

10.How many photos do you take? And how many photos I will receive in High-resolution?

1,500-3,000 photos in a day. You will get about 10% of those picture with all colour correction.

11.How long our wedding film will be in a DVD?

Your wedding story in DVD will be from 15 minutes to 1 or 2 hours it really depends on the packages. The speeches and other things will make it longer. But mostly you got everything in that DVD. You no need to have the original footage as all will be in FINE EDITING means the best shots will be in your DVD.

12.I have a banquet after this wedding next month and I want to show our wedding highlight or our photo slideshow in the banquet. Can I have them earlier?

Yes, we provide a speed edit for the wedding film highlight, and photo slideshow just in time for your banquet. Please contact us for this extra services. acwf@weddingfilmsthailand.com

13.Should I feed you and your team on my wedding day?

Yes please! It would be great to have refreshment while we work and normal food at the same time of guest having dinner. As we don’t film/ photograph while you eat. We will need to fill up the energy and continue to work for you until the end of your party.

14.Do you also have branch in Serbia or Russia?

No!!!! we are the one and only team copyright registered in Thailand and other to come. We have got stolen our creative works since year 2012. All the legal process taking more than 3 years now. So, for other who claim that they are working under our brand A Creative Wedding Films or our branch Creatia Communications Company Limited are totally false. We are begging all of you who is also a fellow professions or clients who believed in our creative works. Helping us to writing this guys stop doing this disrespectful to us. His name is Snimanje Vencanja   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdeYr3rBto4 he official stolen all our works with logo and also said he is our branch.  So this is a shame to see the people steal our creative works and just keep doing this without any respect to those right and honour our customers. If any one want to put your work down from this Youtube channel just kindly email us and we can send these email to the Serbia embassy. Thank you so much for all you help.

15.Do you also travel to other countries?

Yes we do, we mainly traveling around Asia. And other countries will be more to come and we re delighting to be anywhere for your big day!

16.How can I book you?

Please just fill up the initial of booking at Save the date Page. In the calendar you can just double click on the date of your wedding and fill up the information. Then click submit and wait for our reply.

17.How do we pay you?

After you got the confirmation with the package you finally pick. We will send you an invoice and contract so you have to deposit to secure the booking.
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